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Election 2015

Joining the Conservative Team in Peterborough

I have been the Ward Councillor for Bretton South since the May 2015 elections and I was delighted to have been able to represent the area over the last 9 months.  In that period I have been active in sorting out the problems of old and offensive graffiti on a number of utility boxes and on an electricity substation.  I have attended street meetings with Amey staff to point out problems of damaged bins, dead trees, excess littering and problems with overgrowing bushes and shrubs.

I have sorted out problems for local residents, from noisy neighbours, flytipping, occupation of public land by illegal traveller encampments, a case of arson in a play area and persuading the council to provide a new bin on a popular dog walking route so responsible owners can dispose of their dog’s mess properly and safely.

I have been able to support Bretton Bowls Club and enjoyed a few ends with members at the last session of the summer season.  All the best to the Club, and I wish Terry well with finding the funding to fit a proper watering system to keep the grass in tip top condition for next season.

When I became Councillor I was also put on the licensing committee, where I was one of the councillors who was responsible for ruling on licensing applications.  I was pleased to see new businesses with a responsible attitude to licensing starting their businesses, but was also pleased to take part in the decision to remove licences from a few premises where the owners had broken the rules, and had sold fake or illegally imported drink and cigarettes.

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Andy Coles
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