Flood Risks in Fletton and Woodston Ward


This March we saw the heavens open, with solid rainfall, and as a result the regular sign of spring floods along the River Nene.  In the new part of Fletton and Woodston, which encompasses the Thorpe Gate area and Peterborough’s excellent rowing lake in Thorpe Meadows, the water spilled over the banks of the river and flooded the low lying areas by the banks, including the boardwalk nature reserve, the paths by the side of the lake and a fair portion of riverside paths that are so popular with dog walkers and others who walk, run or cycle across the area.

The Nene does overtop the banks of the river in times of heavy rain and snow, and for the most part the water remains within the open areas.  However, with global warming, climate change and more extreme weather events, people who live in areas close to water courses could face rare occasions of flooding.  The Environment Agency has a helpful online map on their website which shows what level of flood risk there is for local residents.

Environment Agency Flood Risk Map
Environment Agency Flood Risk Map for Peterborough

Looking at the map, it shows that the risk of flooding is between 0.1% in the light blue areas, up to 3.3% in the darker blue areas. If you want to check the risk to your own home, HERE‘s the link to the Environment Agency’s website.

There are a couple of areas where there is a slightly higher risk, and indeed the area of Riverside Gardens in the Thorpe Gate area was partially flooded in 1998, when 10 ground floor flats in Water End were inundated.  Since that flood the Environment Agency protected the site with pumps, which prevented a repeat in the flooding of 2007, and in 2010 they installed a 100m flood wall at a cost of £250,000 to protect the area from further flooding.  Peterborough Telegraph reported in 2011 that the Council’s flood risk for the area was now low.

Peterborough Today 9/6/2011
Peterborough Today, 9th June 2011

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If you live in the area and have concerns about the flood risk to your home, the Environment Agency provides a flood warning service that will send you an email, text or call when the flood risk increases.

The last flood warning for this area was in November 2012, but you can sign up for flood warnings HERE:

Of course, most home owners in the area will already be aware of the level of risk, and will have appropriate insurance in place. However, the Association of British Insurers are highlighting Flood Re – a new way to get affordable home insurance if you live in a flood risk area. Launching this April 2016, information can be found on the ABI’s website HERE.