October 2016 – Meeting with Council and Amey Staff

Cllr Serluca and I met with staff from Amey, Skanska and the Council on a ward walk to discuss several problems that had been identified by local residents.

  1.  Overgrown shrubs

We asked for and got a definitive map of the seas destined for cutting back in the new year, so we know those shrubs that are Council owned against those in private ownership.  We await a council review of the contract with Amey, but also have been given a commitment for those residents who want to maintain the shrubs by their homes, that the Council and Amey will draw up a permission process so those that wish to can do the work themselves.

2.  Damaged Fencing

We identified damage to fences and have arranged for them to be repaired, or removed and grass areas re-seeded to improve the look of the area.

ward walk


3.  Dangerous needle waste

We identified an area where drug paraphernalia is regularly left on a public footpath and have asked for work to be done to identify the addicts responsible and to clear up a spot where drug users sleep rough.



4.  Flytipping

We checked and confirmed the hotspot sites on the ward where fly tipping is a regular problem  and asked that the Peterborough Enforcement Service look to take some enforcement action to prevent regular repeat fly tipping at these sites.