What has our Tory Council ever done for us?

We have agreed a twelve year lease with The Green Backyard to allow it to develop and thrive with councillor support.
We supported Botolph Green Residents Association’s bid for a new power supply to allow the Festival on the Green to continue without having to hire in diesel generators.  Our councillors invested over £1000 of Community Leadership Funding in the project and the Council found further development money so that the power supply could be provided.
We support Woodston in Action and Thorpe Gate Residents Association so that local residents can have a say in how our local area develops.
We have signed up with Citizens Advice Bureau to a more considered approach to chasing debt and have set up a budget and approach to helping residents who had no chance of paying off council tax debt.
In 2014 we opened a Dementia Resource Centre built by the council and run by the Alzheimers Society.
We have recently completed improvements to Bridge Street and the access route from Fletton and Woodston into the city centre.
We have listened to public concerns about rhubarb bridge and are looking to see if we can maintain the bridge whilst seeking funding for a replacement.
We have improved many primary schools – including strong support for the building of a new Primary Academy on the North side of the river and in providing additional places at another south of the river.
We established selective licensing  in carefully chosen parts of Peterborough, including Fletton and Woodston, so that tenants in our area can be sure to have a good quality of housing.
We are developing an arts hub on Fletton Quays and have won significant funding to make this exciting development a reality.
When Peterborough United Football Club were in trouble we funded the purchase of the ground so supporters did not lose the club.  The club are now hopeful that they can buy it back.
We helped cultural organisation  METAL to become established in Peterborough and provided them with a suitable home.  The organisation has since obtained significant funding from the Arts Council and has produced some excellent art and culture events in the city..
We haven’t just kept libraries open but we have extended opening hours by use of a card entry system.
We ensured the city centre is thriving and our shops are occupied by rejuvenating St John’s Square.  The city centre now has one of the lowest percentages of unoccupied shops in a city centre.
We have kept council tax low (fifth lowest in country – £400 less than some) despite budget challenges and the need to increase council tax to improve adult social care and to support policing.
We improved super fast broadband coverage through “Connecting Cambridgeshire” project and brought gigabit broadband to the city to help attract better jobs.
We are bringing a new independent university to the city so we can educate and keep our most talented young people in this area.
We offered free solar to all residents.
We have saved residents money by negotiating a special local energy tariff  through Peterborough / OVO energy partnership.