Nasty Neighbours?

I’ve never been on the receiving end of a neighbour from hell, but I have experience of local residents living next to anti-social neighbours who make their lives a misery.  There’s a particularly toxic type where I have been asked to intervene, and that is when a street is blighted by drug dealing from a property in the middle of a community.

Thankfully this is not common but it does happen and it can be very difficult to resolve without the community pulling together.  The impact on a street of an active drug address is pernicious – drug users arriving at all times of day and night, discarded dirty needles nearby, fears of violence and intimidation, an increase of street crime, and the late night noise.

There is only one way to resolve problems like these – residents must report their concerns to the right agencies and provide evidence that is needed to bring drug dealers to justice.  What I have discovered is that it is not always clear which agency to contact about different nuisances.

If anyone is facing this problem and wants action taken, I would be pleased to help.  Don’t suffer in silence, just contact me through my contact page.