Proud of Peterborough

     It is rare to see our community united and gathering together to commemorate sacrifice, but Armistice Sunday showed our community, sincere and united in remembrance of the sacrifices made for us by our forebears.

There were a number of projects by local communities and schools reflecting on the centenary of the end of the First World War, and I was able to visit a number of events.  At St Marks there was a map covered in dots – 147 dots, representing the men who went to France from just a few streets in Peterborough and never returned to their families.  I also visited the Al Ghousia Mosque where there was a display showing how 1.5 million commonwealth soldiers joined the British Indian Army and fought to preserve our way of life.

     The hundreds of Peterborians who gathered in town on Sunday filled the streets around the Town Hall and packed Cathedral Square.  The Regulars, Cadets and Veterans on parade saw the warmth and solidarity from the crowd.

Our modern life is full of noise and we rush about  in the real world and online too.  It is rare to find peace and quiet, to take stock of life and to be grateful for what we have.  We can get frustrated, irritated and grumpy when things are not going well.

It’s important to remember that the lives we lead now are so much better than the lives experienced by the wartime generations.  Yes, there are problems for some and difficulties in life, but we really should be more grateful for what we have and be responsible for ensuring our democratic way of life is protected for our childrens’ future.