Last weekend we saw a huge fire at Hotpoint, where £2 million pounds worth of spare parts that were stored  in container lorries went up in smoke, was a terrible, deliberate fire that should never have happened.  Thankfully police have made arrests and enquiries continue.





This is not the only problem with firesetting, however.  Over the summer The Dell and surrounding streets have been hit by a number of rubbish bin fires, where black and green bins have been completely destroyed, and a bigger skip fire.  The fires started out of sight as shown in the two pictures, but soon expanded into different areas.





We have also seen garden fences set alight and also one case of a fire in a car.  We are waiting to see that arrests for arson will be made and that police will prioritise these offences with adequate resources.  However, what is missing is good information from local residents about who is responsible.





We need residents to pass on information, no matter how small, to help in identifying who is doing this so they can be stopped before one of these fires gets completely out of hand and lives are put at risk.  If you have information please contact the police direct, or let us know so we can pass your information on.





Don’t forget, this sort of behaviour is a worrying trend and as these arson attacks have gone on they have been getting bolder and it is really important for everyone’s safety to make sure the people doing this are caught and prosecuted.

We’re pleased to say that our neighbourhood policing team are aware of the continuing problem and our new Neighbourhood Sergeant for the Southern sector, Sergeant Craig Howard, has a member of his team already looking into the fires.