Who you Gonna Call? Grotbusters!

One of the most regular complaints we get from residents is in the amount of rubbish and graffiti in our streets. It’s ironic that the Council gets criticised so often for litter and fly tipping, or in the unpleasant graffiti around when it’s people in the area who are responsible.

There’s an interesting concept, “broken windows theory”, that describes the effect when places begin to look uncared for. First, it encourages more vandalism, rubbish tipping and graffiti, then it stops people wanting to be around the area, and then this leads in turn to an increase in crime.

We could spend a lot of money as a council in cleaning graffiti and picking up rubbish to make the place look better, but we should not be spending more and more of your money on clearing up rubbish and vandalism. That money could be better spent on helping children and adults who need support, or on community projects.

One answer is to take action ourselves, and that is what we do – off our own bat or in conjunction with local community groups. Our latest campaign is to clean up “tags” sprayed on Utility Boxes – and we cleaned up five this weekend. If residents know of any more that need the same treatment, please let us know and we’ll put them on our “to Do” list.